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Historical Reads is an effective way to promote your historical fiction ebooks. With a growing list of over 30,000 readers we are becoming a very important tool for avid readers of historical fiction. Because we focus on historical fiction, this is a community of engaged and interested readers.

In order for us to promote your book it must fit in one of the following subgenres: historical fiction, historical crime and mysteries, historical sagas, historical romance, historical action and adventure, historical fantasy or historical YA.

At Historical Reads, we promote quality historical fiction that we know our readers will love. We are selective in which books we promote so not all submissions will be accepted.

The Historical Reads newsletter is sent every Tuesday. Below, please select the Tuesday that coincides with your promotion. If you are flexible, please list available dates at the bottom. On the day of promotion, your book must be priced at 99c/99p on Amazon US and UK.

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Price of promotion:

Category A: General historical fiction, historical crime, thrillers and mysteries, and historical sagas – $20

Category B: Historical romance, action and adventure, fantasy, and YA – $15

If you would like to contact us, please email info@historicalreads.com.