For Readers

Is this service free?
It is completely free to sign up. You can choose to buy the books that we advertise (usually for 99p/99c) but you are in no way obliged to. We never ask for your financial information, all purchases go through Amazon.

What information do you have about me?
Your first name and email address only and we will never share it.

For Authors

How many subscribers do you have?
We currently have over 30,000 readers on our list and this is growing every week. We focus on the US and UK markets: around 75% of our audience is US-based.

How does the Historical Reads newsletter work exactly?
Every Tuesday, we send our readers a list of 4/5 carefully selected bargain historical fiction books. Our readers are important to us and we make sure to only send books they would enjoy.

What counts as historical fiction?
Any book set before 1970.

What price should my book be?
In order for your ad to run, your book must be priced at 0.99 on both the US and UK Amazon sites. You can set a countdown deal for this but please ensure the dates are correct.

Can I change the price using a Kindle Countdown Deal?
Yes, but please ensure it is running in both the US and UK.

What happens after I submit my book?
We aim to process all submissions within three working days but please don’t panic if you haven’t heard from us. You can email us at info@historicalreads.com if you are concerned. If your submission has been successful, we will send you an invoice via PayPal. You can pay this invoice using your PayPal account or any credit/debit card. Please note – this invoice will come from Sapere Books, our parent company.

Can I cancel/reschedule my feature?
If you cancel your promotion, we cannot offer a refund. However we are happy to reschedule a cancelled promotion free of charge. You can reschedule a promotion at any time.

How often can I submit my book?
Once every six months.

Do you promote free books?
No, your book must be 0.99.

What does the newsletter look like?
Here is a sample one.

I want to know more about Historical Reads.
We are owned by Sapere Books, find out more here.